Friday, April 11, 2008

Lea Zinke.

I strung this necklace with garnets and Czech glass beads. The focal bead is by Lea Zinke. It makes me think of fairy tales. I made this several years ago and have never been overly thrilled with it. I am thinking about re-working it. I might like it better if it were more simple; maybe strung on a cord or something. Or simply hanging from a chain.

This weekend will be pretty quiet, I think. N. is home sick today with some sort of stomach bug. We are thinking about going to see Nim's Island over the weekend if he's feeling better. And our niece might come and spend the night on Saturday. She's 10 and can't make up her mind about whether or not she wants to stay here or at Grandma and Grandpa's. It's supposed to be cold (and snowy!) this weekend, so whatever we do, we'll be indoors.

Maybe I'll figure out how I want to rework this necklace over the weekend, too. I seem to be pulling out a lot of things and dreaming up new ways to rework them lately. Curling up with a good book sounds nice, too. I'm currently reading The Dark Mirror by Juliet Marillier. I always have more than one book going at a time. I'm also reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. What are you reading?

I hope your weekend will be warm and sunny since it doesn't sound like mine will be! See you next week.


jessi said...

what a lovely necklace! I kind of like all of the beads in the chain. And I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you do!

Ms Dragonfly said...

OMG!! that's so beautiful!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I definitely like all the beads with that pendant..I think it adds to the romantic look of the bead. Silver if used would have to be oxidized to keep an old fashioned look. Perhaps some dangling beads off the silver..because I still really like the beads with it.