Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Etsy Favorite: Jibby and Juna

On Sunday I discovered Jibby and Juna on Etsy when I saw one of Genevieve's pendants on the Etsy homepage. I had the pendant in my cart and someone bought it out right from under me! If only I'd been faster.

It turned out to be fine because Genevieve had so many items in her shop that appealed to me! I've been wanting something yellow, so I bought this pendant.

I told my mom about this pendant and now it's hers. I love it.

I bought a few other things, but I thought you'd be more interested in seeing what's still available (at least they were at the time this posted!).

Sadly, the Jibby and Juna shop is closing for the summer, but will hopefully be back in the fall. This works in your favor because most items in the shop are on sale. The shop will close on May 2.


Lorelei said...

HI! Thanks for the heads up on this shop! I fell in love at first sight and have immediately ordered a few pendants and some really cool pewter toggle clasps! I could have picked out many many more, I love the rings!! But, have to exhibit SOME restraint.
Anyway, thanks!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the tip - what a deal! I bought the little yellow pendant with the three flowers plus a pair of earrings. Can't wait to receive it!

Christina said...

I received my first order today and it's wonderful! I think you'll both be very pleased with your purchases.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

these are really cool! I love the uneven round framing around the second to last picture..