Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunshine and sunflowers.

I know I said you wouldn't hear from me until the end of the week, but it's nice and sunny here today and I felt like blogging before I leave.

In addition to tomatoes and peppers, N. also has large sunflowers growing in his tiny garden.

This morning I startled a bird (after some research, I think it's an American Goldfinch) as he was having his breakfast.

Someone else was also enjoying breakfast. I swear I could hear this grasshopper crunching on the leaf.

We are fortunate enough to live next to a forest preserve, so I think we're going to walk on some of the trails today and enjoy the sunshine. Before we leave for our walk, N. is planning to put on a play for us. We've already seen one play this morning entitled, "Turkeys." The play consisted of the farmer taking the turkeys into the barn and out of the barn...and into the barn and out of the barn...and into the barn and out of the barn...for about 10 minutes.

Right now he's setting up for a play entitled, "Turkeys vs. Lobsters." N. made the turkeys himself after seeing a picture in a craft book. Their bodies are made from brown paper lunch bags. He made the lobsters after making one in art class in kindergarten. I notice that he has my tendency of becoming a little obsessed with a project and feeling the need to make several before he can move on!

I'm not sure what part the library stool or construction cone will have in the play. I know the flags are there because the turkeys are American.

Fortunately it didn't rain here as predicted on Friday. So far none of our friends or family are flooded. The water is expected to crest on Monday, so water is still rising where my mom is, but she's far enough from the lake that she should be fine. Parts of her neighborhood are flooded.

And now I'm off to do some chores and enjoy the sunshine. I took some photos of bead projects this morning, so I'll have more beady stuff to share soon. See you later in the week!

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Jenn Maruska said...

Great photos - esp the goldfinch on the sunflower - all that gorgeous summer yellow.

Can't wait to hear the review of "Turkeys vs. Lobsters". (My money's on the turkeys.)

: ) Hope you have a good week... will you be watching Top Chef this week?

Hasta la pasta!