Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In my hall.

Today I thought I'd share some pictures that are in my first floor hallway.

I love The Black Apple Etsy shop and Emily's blog as well. I originally bought this print to put in my office at work, but I loved it so much that I had to keep it at home. The frame was originally a sickly pale green color, but I bought it because I liked the scroll work around it. I antiqued it and...voila!...a lovely frame. I'd love to have one of Emily's original paintings.

One funny thing about this print is that my friend Andrea was very excited to show me the latest Black Apple prints she'd purchased and this one was among them! Great minds...

This print is by Joy Wallace. I bought it in honor of N. when he was about one or so and had it custom framed. I love her illustrative style.

The saying on the bottom is:

You asked my favorite color...
"Blue," I replied.
"The blue of a robin's egg?"
"The blue of the skies?"
"No, my child,
the blue of
your eyes."

What mother wouldn't love that?

I just saw her work at the art fair in Lake Geneva a few weekends ago. She's added others to the collection as well. There's a boy with brown eyes on her site. I saw a girl with curly hair and girls as princesses with similar sayings in her art booth, though I don't see them on her site after a quick look around.

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jessi said...

Both are so great! I think that tomorrow I might blog a recent print I bought on Etsy.