Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Springtime in Paris.

I've been sort of busy on Etsy lately. I was looking for a fabric purse and came across this pretty Springtime in Paris handbag from Bliss by Heather. I received it yesterday and it's even better in person. So cute!Today, summer in Illinois is looking something like this.

The tree in foreground is a river birch that we (and by that I mean Mark) planted in our front yard over the weekend. Previously there was an evergreen in that spot, but it died because the area is near the sump pump and is very wet. Hopefully the river birch will be happy there.

And now I think an iced orange mocha is in order. Happy Tuesday!

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iSew said...

What a cute bag you've got there. Such a pretty color.
It looks a lot like that near my house too. Not so much right here, but just across the bay it's foggy all summer long. haha