Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here's another of my finds at the flea market. I love old, chippy garden things. This planter weighs a ton! I love the Art Deco look about it and the green color goes well in our bedroom. I probably won't plant anything in it, seeing as how I have a brown thumb when it comes to indoor plants.

At the market, I generally avoided going into the booths. I just looked from the aisle to see if there was anything I needed to inspect more closely. I'm new at this, so any pushing from the seller puts me off. I don't like to go into a booth and have someone breathing down my neck asking me to make an offer.

Anyway, this planter was on the outside of the booth and I kept walking past it. The seller complimented my Keens and we got into a nice conversation. As you can see, I left with the planter. Very smart of her; perhaps she's seen nervous buyers before.

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