Sunday, July 12, 2009


This weekend on a whim I went to a flea market/antique fair held at the local fairgrounds once a month. I didn't find much of anything until I was near the end. I thought I'd show you my finds this week, starting with this mermaid.

I saw her from afar and thought she was rather unusual and needed to come home with me. "R" carved his or her initial in the back. The tail has been repaired a few times.

I planned to hang it in a spot in our kitchen, but then discovered that the decorative iron piece I'd have to take down was hung with more than one nail and none are in the spot I need. So I'm debating about whether or not to take it down and repair the holes when Mark's not around. He has a pet peeve about too many holes in the wall.

So for now she's in our powder room on top of the cabinet. N. said he feels like someone is looking at him when he's in there. I'm not sure why, as her eyes aren't painted in.

There were a few booths with carnival relics, many of which were very neat. In my mind I could hear Mark complaining about the holes in the walls as I looked at the carnival signs, which was a good deterrent.

One thing that surprised me about this market was the number of people who would walk up and grab something I was inspecting. A lady walked up and grabbed this mermaid as I was reaching for it. When she set it down, I picked it up and then she was annoyed. Is it always like that at these things?


mtnchild said...

I really like your mermaid. I am from Denmark and it brought back memories of walking along the harbor and seeing "The Little Mermaid".

I too have had people grab things almost from my hands when I look at something - the same for new items at the thrift store. Wonder where all the manners went?

Thank you for stopping by my blog - I will keep everyone up to date on my chickens along with pictures. So far so good ... LOL


Christina said...

Very cool find!

Next time sneeze on the person reaching for your item. They'll learn...

Cindy said...

Very cool mermaid!

People can be so rude sometimes. I haven't run into that too often, but usually try to go when it is not quite as crowded.

Dunedin Jobs said...

such a beauty!

Sarah said...

"junking" can be pretty competitive. I think that in general if you are looking at something/interested in something you should go ahead and pick it up right away. Otherwise it isn't clear to anyone else what specifically you are looking at/interested in and arguments can follow. (Unless it's a piece of furniture, lol, and you are already engaging the dealer in asking about it).

It takes awhile to get your groove on with those types of things, but don't be put off just yet.

P.S. Your husband could never live in my house!