Monday, December 15, 2008


My cousin also beads. Last year I asked her to make snowflakes from an old Martha Stewart kit that I'd had for a long time but never worked up. There are some basic snowflake instructions on the MS site if you're interested.

She made up four of them for me. I have three photographed for this post. The one in the photo above is gigantic.

See how large that first one is? I could hang it in a window. This year N. wants it on the tree.

It seems as though winter is here already.


iSew said...

I love the third one, so pretty! Those would be nice in my windows since we don't have any real snowflakes here.

Betty BeadBug said...

That would be nice to put in the snowflakes here either. It was in the 60's yesterday and I had our door open to air the house out. These are really great. I love snowflakes.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Christina, just stopping in 'cause I noticed a beaded snowflake, one of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing yours, and happy holidays...

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