Monday, November 10, 2008

And the angels sang.

After Toho Shoji, I stopped at M & J Trimming. Not necessarily a bead store, but they did have some beads. This store was beautiful.

I wish I had a better picture to depict the insane sparkliness (Is that even a word?) of this wall. I had to stand in front of it for a long, long time.

I swear I heard angels sing. :)


AJ said...

This is the store where I found cute little black vintage-style faceted beads for a dollar a strand, and for some unfathomable reason (probably dazzled by all of the other beautiful things in that store), I only bought 3 strands instead of snagging them all.

Once I learn how to sew, I want to go back. They have so many great trims that would just be perfect for my belly dance outfits!

Christina said...

I was so overwhelmed by this store I didn't even buy any beads or crystals there! Sometimes, when I have sparkly overload, I can't decide and end up not buying anything at all. I'd love to go back there again.

iSew said...

Ooooooh, that looks like a store I'd like a lot!

Betty BeadBug said...

I would be so dazzled I'm not sure that I would notice angels singing....:-)