Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When we planted a few weekends ago we found this Common Sweetbush at the nursery. I'd never seen it before and I really liked the flowers. As you can see, we still need to put down some mulch.

This photo was taken with our new Sony Cybershot camera. We had a Kodak camera that stopped working. So far, I'm happy with the new camera. Maybe now that I have a camera again I can post more often again.

We had a fun weekend. My friend Andrea, her husband Aaron, and their daughter C. came to stay for a few nights. Andrea and I left the kids with the men and went shopping and out to lunch on Sunday. We always have a good time together and can find a lot to talk about. They left Monday morning and I missed her as soon as she left. N. is also missing C. He got a big kick out of her while she was here. She's almost two, but N. was very sweet and patient with her. He told me later he wished he had a little sister like C.

Mark hasn't said he missed Aaron, but he probably does. :)


jessi said...

your flower is lovely! I had wondered where you had been. Have fun with the new camera!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I've never heard of a sweetbush before...I like the flowers on it..they are interesting. Reminds me of somethign we have here..but they are leaves..I think related to the protea.

Congrats on the new camera. Thats the same kind of point and shoot that I have...though its an older one...I need a new one as well because the video taking part of it stopped working. I have my slr but thats not handy to carry around. It's so much fun to have a camera in your purse for those random moments that suprise you. Like Wednesday a Brazilian cardnal landed on my car and was looking at his reflection in the windsheild while I was parked waiting for my son to get out of his tutoring classes. Awesome close encounter..but he flew away before I could get my camera turned on :\