Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sterling flower.

I decided to buy a steel doming block on eBay. I played around with it one Sunday afternoon and this little sterling silver flower is the result. I have all sorts of ideas for flowers and earrings. I need to break out the solder, too. I would like to get a circle cutter one of these days, although I like that the circle in this flower is not perfect.

Each evening N. and I have been riding our bikes. He's doing very well and is getting better and better at turning corners. We are hoping to be able to hit some of the more level trails this weekend. Mark is plotting out where to go based on his experience running on the trails.

I was reading the Beaducation Blog this evening and I found out that they filmed a few classes with Gail Crosman Moore, including a free class about making felted beads. The class that has me interested is the felted treasure pouch. I will seriously consider taking that online class once it's been edited and put on the site. I've checked out some of their free classes and they are really thorough. I'm also liking this "Figure S Bracelet" by Barb Switzer, who I am taking a class from at Bead & Button.

I also read this earlier today on Cynthia Thornton's blog:

IMPORTANT: I just found out about this Orphan Works Bill on Claudine's blog and its pretty scary stuff. Its a bill that will hurt artists and designers by taking away the automatic copyright protection we enjoy now and honoring only copyrights that are through privately held registers. I'd like to meet the giant A-hole who came up with this fancy idea and lecture them till I'm hoarse. So, sign up to protect your intellectual property! Imagine someone allowed to use your photo they found on Flickr in an ad campaign against herpes. How mad would you be? What's the world coming to? Tell everyone you know and sign the petition, it takes like two minutes.
Outrageous. If you agree, you can sign the petition here.


jessi said...

I love the flower!

And thanks for the notice about the petition - it's been signed by me at least! What an awful idea!

Andrea said...

I love the flower, and the arrangement of vases! No need to buy a circle cutter - you cut a mean circle and it gives your work a more unique, handcrafted look.

Thanks for the link to the petition. Unbelievable!

iSew said...

I love the flower too, and the pink glass!! I also like the wonky look of this flower, but hey, you can only do more with more tools, right?

I signed the petition, thanks so much for pointing that out. yikes!