Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer bracelet.

This bracelet makes me think of summer. I bought the beads at a bead show that I went to with my friend Andrea when she lived in Palo Alto, CA. The beads are from Grace Lampwork Beads. I just noticed that they are going to be at Bead & Button next week.

Other materials in the bracelet include moonstone and sterling silver.

I'm still playing with my new camera (though this photo was taken some time ago with my old camera). So far I am still liking it. I'll have to take some photos of N. this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice, though it was far from nice today. We had some wind bursts that blew roofs off of nearby barns. Today was garbage collection day, resulting in the cans blowing over. Garbage was strewn everywhere in the wetlands across the street. N. and I saw a few full bags of garbage, so we went over and grabbed them and picked up more of what we saw. That was not what I expected to be doing this evening.

Mark is running a marathon tomorrow. I think Sunday will be spent around the house. I'd like to make some jewelry, but we'll see what happens. I also need to start gathering the beads I need for my class at B&B. And I'd like to go on a bike ride with N. And maybe do some reading. And I have a small project that I need to paint (I'll share that later). And there's cleaning and laundry to be done.

Maybe I'll go on the bike ride with N. and then kick back and relax.

We'll see.

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mdmB said...

That bracelet is so pretty. LBs are gorgeous - they look so creamy :)