Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time to start shopping.

Christmas is just around the corner. Well, maybe not yet, but the way time has been flying for me this year it will be before I know it. I officially bought my first gifts a few weeks ago, but I cannot show them to you because some of the recipients read this blog!

But, I can show you this purchase I made bright and early this morning from SudsMuffin. These photos are from the Etsy listings I purchased.

I found this Etsy shop in a roundabout way: first I read Yazmin's blog where she talked about being featured on Anodyne Design, then I checked out Anodyne Design and read a few posts until I came across the entitled, "Lip Balm: Everlasting Love or Addiction?" and then found SudsMuffin. Isn't it fun to come upon a treasure after following a path through blogs? And, they're having a contest to win lip balm!

The lip balm pictured is for my adopted niece Nicky. She loves tiramisu like no one else I've ever met. I thought I loved it, but she has me beat. I would have bought two of the tiramisu, but only one was available in the shop, so instead I decided to try another flavor.

Their photos of lip balm are so pretty!

In other exciting news, Katrin honored me with a blog award!

That made my day! Read more about it on Katrin's Beads, beads, beads... blog. I'll use Katrin's desciption: "The idea is that female bloggers would have a chance to support and give some recognition to each other, every Rockin' Girl Blogger would tag five and so on."

Now I can bestow this award on five girl bloggers who rock! Hard choice - I love so many of you!
  1. Yazmin

  2. Annie

  3. Jenn

  4. LeeAnn

  5. Ginny
My mom loved how her copper-colored Antonia's Adornment bracelet turned out. And I found out she's making me one in black. How great is that?! Bracelet love all around!

As if all this weren't enough, I received another award yesterday. I'll tell you about that one in my next post!


Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks for the 'stay safe' thoughts. I'm not too worried like I was yesterday but will feel MUCH better when it finally passes.

These balms look yummy. I almost bought lip balms from some different etsy shops at the beg of the year..I have 5 friends and family members with anniversaries all at the same time so I just put together little gift packages with fun stuff in it for them. I got stuck on checkbook covers though...and soaps. I'll try adding some lip balm in next time :)

Congrats on your award too!

jessica said...

Mmmmm...those lip balms look scrumptious!

Marisa said...

Your bead creations and blog in general are so cool and inspirational. I love the Etsy links you gave. Awesome! Thanks!!

Yazmin said...

I'm honored by the award! Truly!

And I think I'm gonna have to tag you back. Hehe. :)

annie said...

i'd like to challenge anyone in a tiramisu-loving contest!
thank you so much for the award :)