Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage finds in Woodstock, Illinois.

My mom and I went to Woodstock to look in an antique mall and shops in the square. I was happy to find a large white beaded flower to add to my vase.

This painting goes well in my powder room. It is roughly 19x15 inches was only $8!

This mushroom needlepoint goes well with my Fern painting.

I collect tiles here and there and was drawn to this one. The owner of the shop said she found it in a Belgian flea market.

My mom also found some beaded flowers, which I will have to share soon.


Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your nice comment on our blog -- hope you'll come back and see us again soon. Looks like you found some terrific things in Woodstock. I especially love that big beaded flower! xo

Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Loving the white beaded flower. Looks like it was meant to fit!

The Gilded JunqueYard... said...

Hi Christina---thank you for visiting the JunqueYard in Woodstock!!Hope you'll be back again--we always try to keep the booth stocked w/cool affordable finds.xo-j