Friday, April 23, 2010

Cedarburg finds.

I spied this little salt cellar in a Cedarburg antique shop. I like the organic quality it has. It reminds me of flower pods.

It was accompanied by the prettiest little silver salt spoon.

In another antique store I found some beaded flowers.

Vintage beaded flowers are getting harder and harder to find, especially for an affordable price.

I like how the person who made them used such large beads for the stems and smaller beads for the flowers and leaves.


mtnchild said...

I love the beaded flower!!!! I have a beaded red rose in progress - very, very slowly!!! There is also a beaded Christmas tree in progress, also very, very slowly.

This picture makes me want to get the rose out again and work on it some more.


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Wow!! how nice!!!