Friday, November 20, 2009

Painted vase.

For my birthday last month, a friend and I went to a paint-your-own pottery shop. The shop is in a really quaint, historic town in Illinois. We made a day of it by having some lunch and doing some shopping after painting. I painted this pitcher/vase, which I now use for some of my vintage beaded flowers.

I haven't been working on much of anything lately. N's homework takes up a good portion of our evenings and we've been busy running around on the weekends. Plus, I've been reading more. Maybe this weekend I'll find some time for beading...


mtnchild said...

Oh Christina, those flowers look wonderful in your vase. Did you make the flowers?

I've made some lavender, tiny, tiny forget-me-nots, and I have a rose in progress.


Ivy said...

I love the color:)

Christina J. said...

Thanks! :)

Yvette, I think out of that bunch of flowers I made one of them...and it's a small one! I have other beaded flowers I've made that I should post about some time. I have made lavender, but not forget-me-nots.