Friday, November 6, 2009

Amy Hanna.

I ran across this magazine at Barnes & Noble and really liked the necklace on the cover. I liked it enough to buy the magazine and learn more about the designer.

I learned that Amy Hanna also had a book.

A beautiful book.

She also has an Etsy shop and blog, both with beautiful reworked vintage treasures. I think this pretty locket I found on Etsy would work will in a design inspired by Amy Hanna.

I have a tangled mess of old jewelry in a box. Maybe there's something in there that I could reuse to make a new treasure with this locket.


iSew said...

That locket is really pretty. I'm sure you can make something nice with it.

Kitty said...

I, too, found the article about Amy Hanna interesting as I am very interested in using old bits and pieces of jewelry for new creations. Belle Amoire usually has some really good projects and articles.

mdmB said...

Wow, thanks for sharing! Amy Hannas work is amazing and very inspiring. I'm sure you'll make something gorgous with your old jewelry and that locket!