Monday, November 5, 2007


This is a bracelet-earrings-pendant set I made for my mom with apatite she purchased.

We had a low-key weekend. Very nice. We went to lunch at Red Robin and took N. to see Bee Movie, which was very cute. Good message about bees, too. I had no idea honeybees are disappearing.

Yesterday I made chicken noodle soup in the crock pot. I also made some carrot cupcakes that were delicious. I had seen them on Healthy Appetite on the Food Network on Saturday and wanted to try them. Very good. I think there are only two left! Mark ate two before I could even put the cream cheese frosting on them.

And now, it's on to the work week. Happy Monday!


iSew said...

That's such a pretty color, I've never heard of apatite. Of course, I'm a seamstress. lol
I have been using my crock pot a lot lately. I love to throw stuff in there and then just walk downstairs & have my dinner bubbling away and ready to eat. mmmmmm

mdmB said...

Gorgeous color! Love the idea of not being symmetric!

Sarah and Jack said...

I am itching to take Jack to see the Bee movie.

And is it sad that I love Red Robin? Great place to eat with kids and yummy chili.