Friday, July 1, 2011

What a difference a photo editor makes.

A while ago I was playing around with a photo of a bead tapestry I made years ago. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of beadwork that I now have framed in my house. I only have one old photo of it without glass over it. The photo was dark and did not do the piece justice. My cousin is a photographer and earlier this year on her blog she recommended using Photoscape for editing photos. I've been using it and have been really happy with it, especially since it's free. I decided to try it out on the old photo of one of my favorite pieces of beadwork and I think it turned out great!
Here's the old photo for comparison.
This piece is done in peyote stitch and is made up of 3,021 delica beads. The pattern is from Sigrid Wynne-Evans Masterpieces for Beadwork.
This particular piece is an adaptation of John William Waterhouse's My Sweet Rose.

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Marcia Green said...

Your picture looks really nice. I like using photoscape, but I was actually looking for a new program to use. Do you know of any good photo editor software?