Thursday, November 4, 2010

Button jewelry.

I bought myself a lovely gift from Quench Metalworks. The way Jen combines vintage buttons with silver is beautiful.

I slowed down on blog posts because I recently started a new job. The commute is longer, but I really like the job. We're all still adjusting to the changes in the evening and weekend routines.

I'll probably need more button jewelry to wear to work.


mamabeaks said...

I have missed you! I am glad that you are enjoying your new job. Thank you for sharing this post. I LOVE vintage buttons and love the necklace that you treated yourself to. I am heading to check out the other jewelry now!

mamabeaks said...

Ok, I have looked and now I think I have a new obsession! I LOVE her jewelry. I know I will wind up with something soon! Thank you again for sharing this.

mtnchild said...

Was beginning to wonder about you - glad to have you back. That piece is just lovely! Good to hear that you enjoy your new job.

Katrin mdmB said...

That is such a great choice for a gift! Beautiful necklace! And good luck with your new job!