Friday, May 7, 2010

A small change.

Sometimes I buy a piece that I admire knowing I can change a small element here or there to suit me a little bit better.

Below is the original piece from honeybee. I loved the pottery shard and how it was wrapped. It's very pretty and delicate. Amy changed the ribbon to a chain for me. I wore it a few times with the very light pink pearl because I really liked it with the pearl, but I needed a darker color with my skin tone.

So, I swapped out the pink pearl for a faceted smokey topaz. I tried some darker pinks with it, but that was too matchy-matchy for me. I think the brown brings out some of the crazing in the pottery, which I like. I usually wear it on one of my favorite faceted ball chains. They have a little bit of sparkle.

By changing one small element, the pendant suits me better and I will wear it more often.


mamabeaks said...

LOL! I do the same thing, and I love the changes that you made to this pendant.

Andrea said...

What a beautiful pendant! Your addition of the topaz makes it a perfect piece for you - I would never have thought to do that. She has some other really cool items in her shop too.

mtnchild said...

I like the changes you made. I'm not a ribbon and pearls gal either, even if my birthstone is a pearl ... LOL

Those small changes really perks up the piece.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I love the design! It's nice you can change it to suit your taste. I like it either way--pearl or topaz, but the blue ribbon wouldn't be my taste either. It is a great piece though! Connie

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I love the way they wrapped this..I used to have a huge box of pottery shards collected over the years..many antique pieces. Kills me that I threw it out :(