Friday, February 12, 2010


My mom came over one day and we soldered away the afternoon. It was fun to try something new. This piece is too large for a pendant, so it will be a small wall hanging. On the bottom I attached some beads that had already been wired together into a little doodad; I'm not sure if I like it on this or not.

Mark's birthday was on Monday and luckily we celebrated over the weekend because we spent Monday at the doctor's office. He had developed a cellulitis infection in his foot. I must admit, I panicked a little bit when he got up that morning with a swollen foot and a long red line leading from his toe to the top of his foot. Thankfully it seems to be responding to the antibiotics and this morning his foot was finally back down to its normal size.

We hadn't planned on doing much for Valentine's Day, but I decided to make dinner reservations for us. I think we need a date night after this long week.


LeeAnn said...

I've tried soldering once and it had a terrible outcome! Yours looks pretty good. Hey, I'm coming to the Chicago area for work in March and was looking online to cute fabric shops to visit. Google really didn't give me much. Do you have any suggestions?

Andrea said...

That's really cool! Boyfriend would probably enjoy soldering with you :)

Poor Mark! Hope he's doing better.

Betty BeadBug said...

Soldering....i'm so jealous! I want to learn to do that.