Sunday, August 9, 2009


On Saturday I braved the storms to meet my friend Rachel at the Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair in Milwaukee.

My favorite artist of the day was Ann Marie Cianciolo. I splurged on a pair of her earrings. Everything in her booth was wonderful. I would have loved the same pair of earrings with diamonds in the flowers, but I wasn't prepared to splurge quite that much! It's hard to see from the photo, but these have gold centers.

Here's her postcard so you can see more examples of her work.

I must have really been in a bird mood, because I also bought this small birdhouse ornament from Two Fish Gallery.

I also admired the work of these artists and wished that I had unlimited funds to buy everything I wanted! Photos are from their websites; one again I forgot to bring my camera with me.

Pam Kehoe-Peterson

Sally Wade

Sharon M. Donovan

We had lunch at Water Street Brewery and then browsed the remaining fair before having some iced coffee drinks at Starbucks. It was a lovely day.

I had plans to go to a flea market today with my mom, but we didn't feel up to braving the heat and humidity. Instead, Mark, N., and I went to see Aliens in the Attic, which actually made Mark and I laugh several times. N. already has plans to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

How was your weekend?

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Melissa J. Lee said...

Love that birdhouse ornament you purchased!