Monday, May 25, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo.

I've had a lot of zoo time this weekend. As you know, I went with N.'s class to Brookfield Zoo on Friday. That was a lot of fun, but quite exhausting. Yesterday we decided to go to Lincoln Park Zoo.

Our favorite exhibit this time was the River Otter.

One of the otters was particularly entertaining. He (or she) frolicked around in front of us and then ran up right in front of N. and dropped a piece of park in front of him. Then he looked at N. expectantly. It was very cute! I took pictures, but sadly none of them turned out.

In the bird area we spotted a nest with eggs.

The zoo also has an area about farms and farm animals, including a petting zoo. We saw a mama pig feeding her little piglets. We really wanted to see them milk the cows, but it was too long to wait.

The grounds of the zoo are very pretty.

We were finished at the zoo with a lot of time to spare before catching our train home, so we took a bus to the beach to walk around. This is a view of the Hancock Building from the beach. A few weeks ago I showed you a view of the beach from the Hancock.

It was quite chilly by Lake Michigan and the waves were high. N. went to check things out and got a little bit wet! He should have listened to his mother.

We decided to stop for a snack at the restaurant on the beach. It was such a pretty view and the food was good, too. I'd like to go back when it's a bit warmer.

After our snack we walked along the lake all the way to Navy Pier to catch a bus back to the train station. We did so much walking yesterday that I have a blister! Does that mean I don't have to help Mark clean the house or do laundry today?


Betty BeadBug said...

I love Brookfield Zoo but really miss Lincoln Park. I spent hours upon hours there in teen years. It was one long bus ride from the house and no admission fee, what could be better? Then you walk over one bridge and you are at the beach. Sigh, I love your blog. All the pictures from home. Thanks. :-)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

wow..what a day! Zoo..beach...pier..I'm jealous! We don't even have a zoo on Maui..isnt' that crazy? We have on on Oahu..but thats a pretty expensive zoo trip considering we have to fly.