Saturday, June 7, 2008


Bead & Button on Thursday was a great time. It was a long day, though. I feel like I'm still recovering! My mom and I both had a class from 8-3. Mine was the Woven Mariposa with Barb Switzer.

I was surprised by how far along in the project I was at the end. It was all set for me to start adding the beads. I worked on that yesterday. I used rhodolite, moonstone, and crystals.

It's not finished yet. I still have to add the antennae and chain. It also needs to be antiqued. I'll show it to you again when it's all finished.

Barb was a great instructor and I enjoyed the class immensely. She also has classes on Beaducation that you can take from home.

I wish I could see all the finished butterflies from class.


mdmB said...

Oh wow 8) This is awsome! How in the world did you get both wings so identical?!

That's a true Beauty!

mdmB said...

Yes! I was first to comment :P

Andrea said...

That's exquisite! Glad you had such a good class at B&B. Can't wait to see the finished project, and all your finds from the show!

AJ said...

Love the mariposa!

By the way, I tried that tip you gave me for the rivoli bezel and it worked. No more guessing and rippit and frustration! Thank you :D

Christina said...

Hi Katrin,

Barb Switzer has figured out the architecture of the butterfly down to the last detail. The class involved a whole lot of measuring and marking where to make the bends in the wire, which is how they ended up matching so well. She said it took her two years (!) to figure it out well enough to be able to teach the class. Once I had all the wire in place, I just tried to follow the same color pattern on each wing. They don't match up perfectly, but that's okay; in class we also learned that butterflies' wings are not identical in nature, either!

Melissa J. Lee said...

This is gorgeous!

jessi said...

this is beautiful! really, really lovely!

Christina said...

Thanks everyone! :)